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Our Team

F1 in schools is an educational program of F1 and it is one of the biggest STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) competitions worldwide.

Its purpose is to help students gain knowledge in physics, sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology while developing valuable skillsets and capabilities by designing, manufacturing a miniature model F1 car and cultivating entrepreneurship assets.


Our goal

Our goal is to win the World Finals proudly repsrenting Greece

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and empower young people to pursue their passions and achieve the impossible through F1 in Schools and other STEM competitions. We strive to provide opportunities for all students in Greece to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in the competition.

Image by Becca Lavin

Our Workplace

Anatolia College

The STEM Center's mission is to motivate and support students in exploring the STEM fields through hands-on activities, and The Aeolos team is located under the guidance of the center and experienced teachers and professors of Anatolia College with the aim of excelling in the World Finals of the F1 in schools competition. Not only does the college provide a high-quality education, but it is also dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental conservation, as shown by the building's features and initiatives. It's an ideal place for students to learn, grow and develop the skills and knowledge that are required for a sustainable future.

Anatolia College is a non-profit educational organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece with a history dating back to 1886. Throughout its history, the college has been a model of education and innovation. In 2021, it established the STEM Center, which is dedicated to providing students and teachers with opportunities to explore and excel in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The center is housed in the Anna Papageorgiou STEM Center which is a fully sustainable building, equipped with the latest technology and resources to support students in their learning journey.

2nd General Lyceum of Xanthi 

The 2nd High School of Xanthi is a public high school in Xanthi, Greece known for its academic excellence and commitment to sustainability. The students have been working to make the school the first public sustainable school in Greece by implementing recycling programs, promoting energy efficiency and incorporating sustainable practices in their curriculum. The school is also home to the successful F1 in Schools team, GforceXanthi, which focuses on promoting STEM education and sustainable practices. The team has gained recognition for their innovative designs and sustainable practices at the national and international level of the F1 in Schools competition. The school is constantly striving to be an innovative and valuable asset to the community through various initiatives.

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