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Christmas Bazaar

Dec 4, 2022

On December 4th, the AEOΛOS F1 in Schools team participated in the annual charity bazaar organized by Anatolia College. The team set up a stand to raise funds for various charities, and to raise awareness about STEM education and the F1 in Schools competition.

The team's stand featured a display of the miniature Formula One car that they had designed and built for the competition, as well as information about the F1 in Schools competition and the team's journey to the World Finals. Visitors to the stand had the opportunity to learn more about the team and the competition, and to ask questions about the car and the team's participation.

The team also organized a raffle, with prizes donated by local businesses and sponsors. The proceeds from the raffle were donated to a number of charities, chosen by the team.

The event was a great success for the team, as they were able to raise funds for important causes and promote STEM education and the F1 in Schools competition to a wider audience. The team would like to extend a special thank you to Anatolia College for providing the opportunity to participate in this event, and to all the sponsors, local businesses and visitors who supported the team's efforts.

Overall the event was a great opportunity for the team to connect with their community and raise awareness about the importance of STEM education, and the possibilities that the F1 in Schools competition can offer to students. The team is looking forward to participating in more.

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